Comprehensive Treatment for
Emotional Disturbance

Learn more about Mind Body Optimization’s approach to treatment for emotional disturbance.
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Our Approach To Healing

When it comes to treatment for emotional disturbance, the journey begins with recognizing the power within you to seek change. This is a complex and often overwhelming process, but it’s not one that you have to face alone.
Mind Body Optimization (MBO) is a sanctuary where integrative healing practices meet cutting-edge research. Here, we see each client as a whole person, deserving of comprehensive care that encompasses their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
Treatment for Emotional Disturbance

Why Mental Health Matters

The importance of taking care of your mental health cannot be overstated. It is the foundation of our lives, our relationships, and our sense of self. Statistics reveal that nearly 1 in 5 adults in the United States experience mental challenges.1
Yet, behind every number is a human story, a life waiting to be reclaimed. At Mind Body Optimization, we are committed to changing these statistics, one healing journey at a time.

Understanding Emotional Disturbance

Emotional disturbance refers to a broad range of mental health disorders. It can include conditions such as:
These conditions can make it difficult to navigate daily life, as emotions and thoughts can become overwhelming.

Symptoms of Emotional Disturbance

Understanding the symptoms is the first step toward treatment for emotional disturbance. Recognizable signs include:
  • Persistent sadness or low mood
  • Excessive fears or worries
  • Changes in sleep patterns or appetite
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • Decreased energy or motivation
  • Physical symptoms such as headaches or stomach aches without a clear cause
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

Why Seek Treatment for Emotional Disturbance?

When facing emotional disturbance, the effects can ripple through every aspect of a person’s life.
Here’s how it might show up:
  • Daily life: Tasks that used to be easy can feel impossible. This could mean struggling to get out of bed, maintain personal hygiene, or complete work assignments.
  • Relationships: Emotional disturbance often strains relationships. People might find themselves withdrawing from friends and family, or they might have conflicts more often.
  • Mental well-being: Chronic emotional distress can lead to a sense of hopelessness, low self-esteem, and difficulty finding joy in life. 

Common Causes and Triggers

Emotional disturbance doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all cause. It can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as:
  • Genetics: Some people may have a family history of mental illness. This can increase their likelihood of developing emotional disturbance.
  • Trauma: Exposure to traumatic events, whether in childhood or adulthood, can lead to emotional disturbance. This could include physical or sexual abuse, natural disasters, or witnessing violence.
  • Environmental factors: Stressful life circumstances such as financial struggles, loss of a loved one, or significant life changes can also contribute to emotional disturbance.
  • Physical health issues: Mental health can be linked to physical health problems. Chronic illnesses, hormonal imbalances, or nutritional deficiencies can influence mental well-being.2
Seeking treatment for emotional disturbance can help people identify and address the specific factors that may be impacting their mental health.

The MBO Approach to Treatment for Emotional Disturbance

Our methodology believes that true healing starts from within. We don’t just treat symptoms or rely on quick fixes. Instead, we uncover the root causes of emotional disturbance and strive for lasting solutions.
Here’s a closer look at how we put this philosophy into action to provide effective treatment for emotional disturbance:

Whole-Person View of Mental Health

We see mental health as more than just the absence of illness. It’s a state of well-being where the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony.
Emotional disturbances often signal imbalances in one or more of these areas. Our treatment for emotional disturbance focuses on restoring this balance.

Individualized Wellness Plans

Recognizing that every person’s journey is unique, we tailor our wellness plans to address the specific needs of each client. This personalized approach ensures that treatment for emotional disturbance is relevant and effective, addressing the root cause.

Incorporation of Evidence-Based Practices and Integrative Therapies

We prioritize using practices supported by research and proven results. But, we also recognize the value of alternative therapies.
Techniques such as mindfulness, yoga, and nutritional counseling are integrated into our programs, offering a comprehensive approach to treatment for emotional disturbance.

MBO’s Mission and Values

Our treatment for emotional disturbance is rooted in a strong mission of comprehensive mental healthcare. We strive to create a positive experience for everyone who comes to us.
We do so through upholding our treatment values, which include:


We commit to absolute honesty and ethical behavior in every interaction. Our team embodies integrity, ensuring that clients receive care that’s not only effective but also morally sound and respectful of their rights and dignity.


Each journey to wellness is personal and unique. We honor client autonomy by actively involving them in the treatment planning and decision-making process.


Healing is not a solitary journey. At MBO, we foster a sense of community, where people can find support, understanding, and connection. This communal approach enriches the treatment experience, providing a network of support that extends beyond our facility’s walls.


We believe in the importance of validating clients’ feelings and experiences. Our team creates a safe and non-judgmental environment where clients can freely express themselves without fear of rejection or shame.


Facing emotional disturbances takes courage. At MBO, we recognize and honor this bravery. We support and encourage clients to:
  • Confront challenges
  • Take risks
  • Grow through the healing process


Beyond treating emotional disturbances, our goal is to equip clients with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their mental health effectively. We empower people to take control of their well-being and live a fulfilling life.

Treatment for Emotional Disturbance: Techniques and Therapies

At MBO, treatment for emotional disturbance is highly individualized and tailored to each person’s specific needs. Clients can expect to receive a combination of evidence-based techniques and therapies, including:

Mindfulness and Meditation

These practices encourage people to be present in the moment. It makes people aware of their thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations without judgment.
Cultivating mindfulness helps people observe thoughts and emotions without feeling overwhelmed. It leads to a calmer, more balanced response to life’s challenges.3
At Mind Body Optimization, we introduce clients to mindfulness through meditation. Our trained therapists guide people through the process and teach them techniques to incorporate mindfulness into daily life.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is based on the idea that thoughts, feelings, and actions are all connected. In CBT sessions, clients work with a therapist to uncover thought patterns that may be contributing to emotional disturbances.
During CBT, people can:
  • Explore these thoughts
  • Challenge their validity
  • Replace them with more balanced and constructive alternatives
In treatment for emotional disturbance, CBT is effective because it addresses the underlying thought processes that contribute to these issues. By learning to identify and challenge irrational or harmful thoughts, people can develop healthier coping mechanisms and more adaptive behaviors.

Yoga and Movement Therapies

The connection between the body and mind is powerful. Emotional tension often manifests physically in the form of muscle tightness, headaches, or fatigue. Yoga and movement therapies address these physical symptoms. This, in turn, can reduce mental stress.
At MBO, sessions are tailored to each person’s abilities and needs. Clients learn various poses and movements to:
  • Release tension
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve mind-body awareness

Nutritional Counseling (Coming Soon)

Imbalances in diet can worsen symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other emotional disturbances. Nutritional counseling at MBO focuses on creating balanced, mood-stabilizing meal plans.4
Certain nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals support brain health and positively impact neurotransmitter function. A balanced diet can stabilize mood, boost energy, and enhance mental health.
We start by assessing a person’s current eating habits. Next, we create a personalized nutrition plan that fits their dietary preferences and addresses any deficiencies. We also offer education on mindful eating practices to promote a healthier relationship with food.

Art Therapy and Creative Outlets

Art therapy provides a powerful outlet for expressing feelings that might be difficult to put into words. Treatment for emotional disturbance at MBO includes creative outlets as a means of self-expression and exploration.
Through painting, drawing, or other forms of art-making, clients can access deeper emotions and confront unresolved issues in a non-threatening way. The focus is on the process rather than the end result, allowing for greater freedom and self-discovery.
People don’t need to have any prior artistic skills or experience to benefit from art therapy. Our therapists guide clients through the process and help them discover new ways of coping with difficult emotions.

Treatment for Emotional Disturbance and Dual Diagnosis

Research has shown a strong correlation between mental health disorders and substance use disorders (SUD). This is known as dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders.5
It’s estimated that 50% of people with a mental health disorder also have a co-occurring SUD. This highlights the importance of addressing both issues in the treatment for emotional disturbance.6

Substance Misuse as a Coping Mechanism

People may turn to substances as a way to cope with their emotional pain. Substances might temporarily reduce symptoms but can ultimately worsen the underlying emotional disturbance.
For example, alcohol is a depressant. It can worsen episodes of depression or anxiety, while stimulants can heighten anxiety or manic episodes.
The substance essentially acts as a temporary bandage on a deeper wound, never addressing the root cause and often making it more difficult to treat.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Care in Treatment for Emotional Disturbance

Recognizing the intertwined nature of emotional disturbances and substance use disorders underscores the necessity for dual diagnosis treatment.
At Mind Body Optimization, our approach is tailored to address both conditions at the same time.
Dual diagnosis treatment is vital for several reasons, including:
  • Whole-person healing: It ensures a comprehensive healing process that addresses both the mental health issue and the substance use disorder.
  • Prevents relapse: Without treating both disorders at the same time, one may trigger a relapse in the other. This cycle can be difficult to break without addressing both issues.
  • Customized care: Treating emotional disturbances involves customizing care plans to address how these disorders interact uniquely within a person. This tailored approach offers a more effective and sustainable path to recovery.

Get Started with Treatment for Emotional Disturbance at MBO

We strive to make the process of getting treatment for emotional disturbance as straightforward and supportive as possible.
Here’s how you can get started with us:

Making the First Contact

The first step to accessing our treatment for emotional disturbance is reaching out to us. You can do this in several convenient ways: through a phone call, an email, or by filling out a contact form on our website. Our team will respond promptly and guide you through the rest of the process.

What to Expect During the Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, you’ll speak with one of our compassionate team members who will:
  1. Listen to your concerns
  2. Ask about your goals
  3. Provide information about the services that can best meet your needs
This conversation is an opportunity for you to learn more about us and for us to understand how we can support your journey to recovery.

Preparing for Your Visit

Before your first visit, we encourage you to think about what you’d like to achieve through treatment. Consider jotting down any questions or concerns you might have. This preparation can help you make the most of your time with our specialists.
Remember, there’s no need to bring anything other than an open mind and a willingness to engage in the process.

The Intake Process

Your journey with Mind Body Optimization starts with a comprehensive initial assessment. This step allows us to gain a deep understanding of your unique needs, challenges, and goals.
During this assessment, you will meet with a skilled clinician who will ask about your:
  • Medical history
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Substance use
  • Any other factors affecting your well-being

Personalized Treatment Planning

Based on the insights gathered during your initial assessment, we develop a personalized treatment plan tailored specifically to you. This plan outlines the therapies and interventions that we believe will be most effective for your recovery.

Introduction to Our Team

As part of the intake process, you will be introduced to your dedicated treatment team. This team may include:
  • Therapists
  • Counselors
  • Medical professionals
  • Other support staff who will be instrumental in your journey

Setting Expectations

We believe in transparency and open communication. During the intake process, we will discuss what you can expect from outpatient treatment, including the:
  • Duration
  • Frequency of sessions
  • Any commitments required from you
Understanding the process helps demystify treatment and sets clear expectations for your journey ahead.

Your Role in the Process

Active participation is key to the success of your treatment for emotional disturbance. We encourage you to ask questions, express concerns, and share your thoughts and feelings throughout the intake process and beyond.
Your insights and feedback are invaluable in tailoring your treatment plan to best suit your needs.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us. All information shared during the intake process and throughout your treatment is protected under strict confidentiality protocols.
We provide a safe and secure environment where you can openly discuss your challenges without fear of judgment or breach of privacy.

Navigating Insurance at MBO

MBO accepts a range of insurance plans and offers to verify your benefits on your behalf. This means we’ll take care of the details, determining your coverage for our services, so you can focus on what truly matters—your healing journey.

The Perils of Emotional Disturbance

Emotional disturbance poses significant risks not only to mental health but also to physical well-being and quality of life.
It can disrupt a person’s ability to:
  • Function
  • Forge meaningful relationships
  • Pursue goals
That’s why treatment for emotional disturbance need not be seen as a burden, but rather an opportunity to regain control of one’s life and find inner peace. With holistic care and support from our team at MBO, clients can emerge stronger and healthier on the other side.

The Transformative Journey of Treatment for Emotional Disturbance at MBO

What sets MBO apart is our steadfast belief in the transformative power of integrating mind-body techniques.
This conviction is rooted in:
  • Countless success stories
  • Emerging research
  • The profound changes we witness in our clients every day
By harmonizing physical health with mental and emotional wellness, we unlock unparalleled potential for healing and growth.

Pave a Path Worth Following

If you’re ready to take the first step toward healing and wholeness, we’re here to guide and support you. Contact Mind Body Optimization today to schedule your consultation.
Let us help you unlock your full potential and embark on a journey to a healthier, more fulfilled life.