Sustainable Healing Starts Here

Our Mission

Mind Body Optimization exists to challenge the status quo of what the patient experience can look like in mental healthcare. 

Happy young caucasian bald woman in hat and casual clothes enjoying life after surviving breast cancer. Portrait of beautiful hairless girl smiling during walk at city park after curing disease


Our vision is to create an opportunity where healing is not only a destination to be sought after, but a sustainable and transformative process that leads you to a place of autonomy and ownership.


Our culture is one where mental health is embraced with compassion, expertise, and  confidence; where you are empowered to navigate your unique journey with resilience and unwavering  support.


Together, we can pave a path worth following. One where we can all find sustainable change. 


We value: 


We believe in authentic transparency.


We believe that you are the expert on you. 


We believe in the power of supportive empathy.


We value your story, seen through your lens, and with your own words. 

Bravery (Humility):

We see asking for help as an underutilized superpower. 


We believe that you already possess what is needed to achieve your goals.

Reach Out and Experience the MBO Difference

Many of our MBO team have overcome their own mental health challenges. We know what it takes to recover — and we know the shortcomings of traditional, cookie-cutter treatment. We’re here to rise above them and provide healthcare that makes a real difference in individuals and the community.

Reach out when you’re ready to take that courageous first step toward healing. We’re here to help you reach your full potential.

Mission & Values