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You are more than your depression. Let our Mind Body Optimization team of experts guide you on a path toward resilience, growth, and healing.
Mental Health Services

Mind Body Optimization (MBO) services integrate evidence-based interventions with holistic treatment techniques to craft individualized care plans.

This fosters meaningful recovery from mental health issues and substance use disorders. Our comprehensive suite of services offers relief for a number of conditions, such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction, as well as co-occurring disorders.

We provide these services in our outpatient programming and offer specific treatments through our telehealth platform—allowing you to get flexible treatment specialized to fit your unique needs and circumstances. 

Mental Health Services


EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization reprocessing, and it is one of the more recent types of mental health treatments available.

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Counseling exists to help people just like you to get back on track to enjoying life instead of being overwhelmed by it.

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The development of evidence-based therapies combined with psychiatry treatments has become a crucial part of treating addiction.

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Mental Health

Access to a qualified mental health practitioner significantly improves the likelihood of lasting healing by providing a reliable support system to navigate obstacles with resilience.

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Dual Diagnosis Services

Whether you are struggling with mental health, addiction, or both, it is time to seek our services. Our compassionate and qualified team is ready to help you find lasting symptom relief and sustainable recovery.

We offer a full spectrum of treatment services to get you the help you deserve. Learn more about what Mind Body Optimization offers by giving us a call or visiting our admissions page. 

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