The Importance of Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Explore the different outpatient substance abuse treatment programs available at Mind Body Optimization.

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Overview of Substance Abuse in the United States

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 10% of adults in the U.S. have had a drug use disorder at some point in their lives.1

However, many people experiencing this disorder can achieve sobriety and live healthier lives through outpatient substance abuse treatment programs.

outpatient substance abuse treatment

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment in Southlake and Plano, Texas

Mind Body Optimization (MBO) is an outpatient mental health facility in Southlake and Plano, Texas. At MBO, we’re committed to helping people who experience mental health challenges or substance use disorder achieve the total well-being they deserve. 

We understand that mental well-being encompasses every aspect of a person’s life. Because of this, we adopt a holistic approach to our treatment strategies. We equip clients with all the tools they need to live healthier, happier lives. 

Our comprehensive outpatient substance abuse treatment programs will help people take control of their recovery and achieve total well-being. 

Understanding Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatments

Outpatient substance abuse treatment programs are for people experiencing substance use disorder (SUD) who do not need 24-hour medical supervision. They are alternatives to inpatient treatments and are designed to provide psychosocial support to enhance relapse management. 

Some of the benefits of outpatient substance abuse treatment include: 

Application of Coping Mechanisms in Real-Life Situations

Clients can easily transfer the coping strategies they learn during therapy into their daily lives. This makes the treatments practical and effective for everyday life and healing. 

Individuals are also able to track their progress and give their healthcare providers feedback. As a result, they identify what works and what needs improvement, leading to more comprehensive treatment.


Some people enjoy the convenience of commuting for treatment on their schedules. They choose the timeframe that works best for them during this period. This allows them to combine treatments with other aspects of their lives.

Community Participation

Community participation gives people a sense of belonging. It enables them to:

  • Take part in programs around them 
  • Engage in social connections 
  • Enjoy the support of groups

This, in turn, improves their mental well-being and gives them a network to lean on.


Outpatient substance abuse treatment is often less expensive than on-site medical supervision. It cuts the costs of overnight stays without compromising treatment effectiveness. 

Outpatient substance abuse treatment also meets people’s needs for continued support without affecting their daily routines. 

The MBO Approach to Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

MBO’s approach to outpatient substance abuse treatment is integrative and tailored to the specific needs of each person. The journey to complete wellness includes good physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Thus, we evaluate every aspect of their lives and provide the necessary resources for wellness. 

We understand that combating substance use disorder is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every person is unique, and so are their needs and goals. With this in mind, we develop strategies that meet their objectives. 

Holistic Treatment

We know that optimal mental health is more than just the lack of negative mental health symptoms.

It includes improved:

  • Physical health (diet, exercise, and rest)
  • Emotional health (feelings and thoughts)
  • Social health (relationships, family, culture, and work)

Our approach to outpatient substance abuse treatment is not fixated on one aspect of well-being only. We consider the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – to create the most effective treatment plan for their unique needs.

Types of Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment at MBO

We create holistic outpatient substance abuse treatment using evidence-based treatment opportunities tailored to each person’s unique needs.

Some of these treatments include:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Using CBT, we help clients identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors that may contribute to substance use. The goal is to confront these unhelpful patterns and replace them with positive ones.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

DBT teaches effective strategies that allow people to manage their behaviors. They can make decisions aligning with their goals for fulfilling relationships. 

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Coming Soon)

This scientifically backed approach uses magnetic fields to stimulate the brain regions connected to mood regulation, depression, and anxiety. This treatment is effective for people seeking continuous improvement in their mental well-being.

Whole-Person, Collaborative Treatment

Our team of licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners work together to ensure all-round wellness for each client.

We provide holistic treatment modalities that cater to the total well-being of patients, including:

Key Components of Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment at MBO

The outpatient substance abuse treatment programs at MBO are structured to deliver optimal results. We also offer support services to help our clients achieve sustainable well-being. 

The four main components included in these programs are: 

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy includes one-on-one sessions with a therapist. Here, our therapists assess the person’s needs, challenges, and goals. 

We create a safe environment for them to communicate their struggles openly. This enables us to understand their thought processes and gain insights into their behavioral triggers for customized coping strategies. 

Through this understanding, our team can create a tailored treatment plan that aligns with each person’s needs and preferences.

Group Therapy

In group therapy, a small circle of people collaborate to share their experiences. They also enjoy the support of a community.2

This allows people to learn from one another and develop social skills. They also celebrate milestones and encourage one another throughout their recovery journey. 

Our specialists coordinate these sessions to achieve the desired outcomes.

Medication Management

When applicable, we prescribe and track prescribed medications while working with licensed medical professionals to evaluate the right medication and dosage. At MBO, we also ensure that the prescribed medication is safe and has no severe side effects during treatment. 

Consistent monitoring to track the medication and its potency is an important part of this approach. For this reason, we only adopt this strategy when needed. 

Supportive Services

We offer supportive services to improve client experiences. These services are often based on a person’s unique needs.

Some of the supportive services we offer include:

  • Enlightening patients on mental health conditions, coping strategies, and relapse prevention techniques 
  • Educating family members on how to communicate and provide the right support to a patient 
  • Offering complementary therapies, such as mindfulness and meditation
  • Providing holistic aftercare plans to assist patients in transitioning out of the program

At Mind Body Optimization, our clients’ well-being is at the forefront of all outpatient substance abuse treatment programs. We work closely with each client to adopt the most appropriate treatment for their needs, preferences, and goals.

Common Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

There are three main types of outpatient substance abuse treatment programs. Depending on the individual’s needs, symptoms, and other considerations, we may recommend any of the following programs for their needs.

These programs include: 

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) (Coming Soon)

This type of substance abuse treatment program offers more intensive care than traditional outpatient programs. They involve spending a part of the day at a facility and returning home in the evenings. It may require about six to eight hours of treatments, three to five days a week. 

A PHP is designed for people who’ve completed residential treatments but no longer need full-time care. This type of program is also suitable for people who experience relapse after treatment. 

PHP Treatment

Some treatment methods used in a PHP include: 

  • Behavioral therapy 
  • Medication management 
  • Individual or group counseling 
  • Support groups 

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) (Coming Soon)

This program offers holistic care for people who need structured treatments but not round-the-clock supervision. They often consist of individual therapy, group therapy, and educational sessions.3

An IOP works for those who need long-term care for substance abuse disorder. They’re also suitable for those who struggle with relapse who have already undergone inpatient or partial hospitalization programs. 

Intensive outpatient programs are structured like a PHP. But, they require people to be at the facility less often. A typical visit structure may occur two to four hours daily, two to three days a week.

Day Programs

Day programs are also called partial day programs or day treatment programs. They offer organized treatment during the daytime and allow people to return home in the evenings. 

Some therapeutic sessions that may be included in day programs are group therapy, individual therapy, and psychoeducation. These programs work well for people who need more support and structure than traditional outpatient programs but do not need 24-hour supervision. 

Other Types of Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Options

We may also suggest the following complementary outpatient substance abuse care treatments:

Alumni Groups

These rehab-specific groups enable people to relate with others who are undergoing treatment. Connecting with those sharing similar experiences allows patients to experience community support.4

Local Resources for Continued Well-Being

This could be a recommended aftercare option when opting out of outpatient treatment. We may suggest local well-being resources close to a person’s house to prevent relapse. This may include support groups and local mental health counselors. 

Sober Living Homes

These are helpful choices for people who have undergone different substance abuse treatments. This group of people are ready to integrate into the community. Sober living homes help patients reconnect to society while committing to their sobriety. 

Our specialists at MBO will explore all available treatment options. We guide our clients in choosing the best outpatient substance abuse treatment for their needs. This may include aftercare strategies that allow them to return to society while maintaining their well-being.  

Benefits of Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment at MBO

Achieving the desired outcomes with outpatient substance abuse treatment is possible. But, it hinges on choosing the right treatment facility. People need adequate support and the most appropriate strategies for their unique situation.

Our compassionate MBO team supports every person on their journey to comprehensive well-being.

Some of the benefits of undergoing outpatient substance abuse treatments at MBO include: 

Enjoy Flexible Schedules

At MBO, outpatient substance abuse treatments do not alter our clients’ daily lives. Individuals have the autonomy to choose schedules that match their lifestyles. As a result, they can integrate treatment into their daily routine and live their routines while still receiving ongoing treatment. 

The continuity of care we offer ensures our clients never feel alone. It empowers them to reconnect with their communities while undergoing treatments on their own terms. 

Apply Learned Skills in Real-life Settings

We equip our clients with practical skills they can use in real-life situations. No matter their goals, we provide the right strategies to help them achieve them. This could range from effective behavioral management to controlling unhealthy patterns.

Be a Part of a Supportive Community

Healing is never an isolated journey with MBO. Our team of professionals meet each client where they are and provide all the support they need along the way. Many of our specialists have undergone similar treatments, so they deeply understand our clients’ experiences. 

We’ve created a judgment-free treatment environment so that every person can feel heard and valued. Our community shares in each clients’ unique experiences. 

We motivate and celebrate every milestone on their path to living their desired lives. Being a part of the community means having experts promoting accountability. It also ensures clients keep the promises they have made to themselves. 

outpatient substance abuse treatment

Join MBO’s Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program

At MBO, we believe thriving mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally is crucial to achieving all-inclusive wellness. 

We also understand that achieving total well-being is key to living a happier life. Our approach impacts every aspect of life and positions people for whole-person healing. 

Understanding Insurance Coverage and Benefits for Mental Health Services

We accept a variety of insurance coverage, including:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna/Evernorth
  • Magellan Healthcare
  • United Healthcare

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