5 Benefits of TMS Treatment for Depression

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Mental health conditions often vary widely in their symptoms and response to traditional treatments. Depression not only presents as several different types, but it can also come with symptoms that don’t always respond well enough to talk therapy or medication for you to feel a strong sense of relief. TMS treatment for depression is another tool your therapist might recommend to help you along your path to greater wellness.

What Is TMS Therapy for Depression?

TMS for depression is a non-medication treatment that uses electromagnetic currents to impact your brain waves. During a typical session, your therapist will affix a particular type of magnetic coil to the outside of your forehead. Then, they’ll use the coil to generate magnetic pulses that alter how the parts of your brain responsible for regulating your emotions communicate. Most therapy plans involve attending several sessions weekly for a month or more.


What Are the Main Benefits of TMS?

TMS therapy results in benefits that might be felt as soon as after the first session, but it usually takes a little longer to achieve the maximum impact. The primary goal of this type of treatment is to help lift the clouds of depression so that you can feel a renewed sense of purpose and happiness in life. Although TMS benefits will vary from individual to individual, you can generally look forward to seeing these results for your mental well-being.

Reduce the Risk of Side Effects With TMS for Depression

Many depression medications have side effects that interfere with your ability to conduct your normal daily activities. Feeling overly tired or experiencing changes in your appetite might be unacceptable, whether it comes from your depression or the medications you take. Certain medications can also have long-term side effects on your health that might require using other forms of treatment.

One of the most significant benefits of TMS therapy is that the side effects are mild and extremely short-lived. You might notice a slight headache or some mild tingling along your jawline after the procedure. But you should maintain your normal energy levels and alertness. The electromagnetic pulses also won’t impact your heart or other organs since it is just a specific portion of the brain that is targeted.

Use the Benefits of TMS to Overcome Treatment-Resistant Depression

In your mental health wellness journey, you might have reached a point where you’ve tried just about everything. Some people have a form of depression that doesn’t readily respond to today’s medications, or you might find that your needs have changed over the years.

TMS therapy benefits those who have treatment-resistant depression the most. After spending years trying to find relief, you’re likely pleasantly surprised to discover that the answer to your struggles is a magnetic coil. This treatment seems to work when other strategies do not because it is designed to go straight to the part of the brain most affected by depression.

Maintain Your Ability to Drive and Conduct Your Normal Daily Activities

TMS therapy provides an alternative to strong medications that could impact your ability to work, take care of your family, and manage your other responsibilities. Some depression medications have sedative effects that could even require you to hang up your keys. After your TMS session, you might need to hang around for a few minutes to ensure any mild lightheadedness or dizziness disappears. After that, you can return to enjoying the rest of your day without restrictions on your activities.

Enjoy Longer Remissions From Your Symptoms

TMS therapy benefits can provide you with long-term relief that could reduce your need for daily care. Many experience periods of remission lasting anywhere from six months to a year. If your symptoms return, you can begin a maintenance series of therapy that helps you feel better again.

Gain a Newfound Sense of Hope As You Experience the Benefits of TMS Therapy

The fear of never regaining your former sense of happiness is real, and it is frustrating to try multiple forms of treatment only to find that none offer the level of symptom relief you need. Once you begin to feel the TMS benefits, you’ll be able to feel like there is some sun shining through those clouds. Having hope again for a brighter future is a benefit that also helps you feel inspired to make other healthy lifestyle changes.

Is TMS Treatment for Depression Right for You?

This form of therapy is usually reserved for those who have tried other options and need something new. However, people with severe conditions of depression used TMS as the first line of treatment. A professional assessment is the best way to determine if this is an option you could benefit from in your treatment plan.

Depression care works best through personalized interventions directly addressing your specific symptoms. Reaching out to our team at Mind Body Optimization gives you access to a wide range of modern treatment methods that can help you overcome treatment-resistant depression and other co-occurring mental health conditions. 

Our holistic approach helps your body heal inside and out so that you can reframe your outlook on life.