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Telehealth in Franklin, TN

The world has changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made it extremely difficult for individuals to access the healthcare they need. Because of this, it has led to people missing out on the kinds of services that help keep them alive and well, both physically and mentally. Fortunately, Mind + Body Wellness has considered many ways to address this problem, and is pleased to now provide telehealth for substance use and mental health disorders in Franklin, TN.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth” refers to obtaining addiction and behavioral health treatment via phone or video conference. Telehealth for substance use and mental health disorders has grown widely popular since the COVID-19 pandemic began. This is because, in the beginning stages of the pandemic, all states experienced some level of lockdown. As a result, people were prohibited from engaging in routine activities, such as going to their doctor’s or therapist’s office. Knowing how much people needed continued access to their healthcare providers, telecare services have become “the new normal.”

With telehealth, clients with a mental health disorder or a substance use disorder can still receive care from licensed, trained professionals even if they are not able to meet with them in person. The client and the provider can connect over the phone or via video chat. This allows both parties to see and hear one another. While telecare has been a lifeline for many individuals, it has been challenging for others. These challenging or easy telehealth experiences stem from the nature of their healthcare concerns.

Types of Telemedicine For Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Telehealth in Franklin, TN has allowed professional treatment for those with mental health conditions and substance abuse disorders to continue despite world events. While different from face-to-face medical care, telemedicine offers care and community support for those with substance use and mental health disorders. Of course, that medical care looks a bit different these days, especially after considering the following:

  • Therapy sessions – Group and one-on-one therapy sessions are available online for those in treatment for substance use and mental health disorders. Clients are able to take part in telehealth therapy sessions in the comfort of their own homes. This decreases the likelihood of absence, since, in some cases, getting up and going to therapy can feel overwhelming for those living with certain disorders. Fortunately, having that immediate access in their home is a great benefit.
  • Connecting with others – There is no doubt that people have never been lonelier than they have been during the pandemic. Not being able to see loved ones or interact with strangers in a grocery store has taken a toll on most everyone. Nevertheless, telemedicine offers a unique benefit: it connects people in support groups to one another, enabling everyone to see each other’s faces and hear their voices. While it might not be the same as in-person group sessions, it helps reduce loneliness and, in turn, the risk of relapse.
  • Access to help – There has never been a more appropriate time to stop working on oneself than during the pandemic. People have every excuse in the book to drink, use drugs, and participate in behaviors harmful to their well-being. Substance abuse and behavioral telehealth connects countless individuals to the support they need so as not to relapse. This allows for “a safe place to land” amid the chaos of one’s exterior and interior worlds.

Some disorders are easier to treat via telehealth than others. For example, those struggling with bipolar disorder sometimes require hands-on care and treatment. Telecare services simply cannot take the place of on-hand medical professionals. They can, however, help keep those working toward recovery connected to therapists and healthcare providers.

Meanwhile, those recovering from bipolar disorder can still benefit from the face-to-face care that telehealth provides. In addition, providers can prescribe them medications or offer other forms of treatment. This helps these individuals feel supported, connected to the right people, and prepared to take the steps necessary to stay healthy.

Telemedicine For Mental Health Care

Mental health telemedicine is available at Mind + Body Wellness to those grappling with conditions such as depression, anxiety, and many personality disorders. Clients connect with their providers via phone or computer and participate in therapy sessions. Moreover, they can join community support groups that are online. Clients can stay in touch with their therapist, prescribing professional, and primary care physician. After all, consulting a therapist is not the only way to take care of one’s mental health; seeing all of the types of professionals to develop a well-rounded treatment plan helps.

Begin Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment in Franklin, TN

If you or someone you love is in need of substance abuse or mental health treatment, reach out to us at Mind Body Optimization right now. We understand how difficult life can be at the present moment and offer compassionate care to our clients through our mental heath and substance abuse telehealth services in Franklin, TN. We want you to know that we are here to help in any way possible. Call our admissions team today to learn more about how we can help.