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Nashville Area Psychiatrists

Mind body optimization is a modern outpatient center and provider of mental health & addiction treatment services in nashville, tn.

Convenient and Affordable Psychiatrists in Nashville

We work with those struggling with mental health or addiction issues in-person from our offices in the Nashville and Knoxville areas. Our team of psychiatrists, counselors and addiction professionals also help those outside of Nashville and Knoxville via telehealth appointments.. Our combination of available in-person and virtual psychiatrist appointments means we help those all over Tennessee as licensed psychiatrists in the state of Tennesee.

Mind Body Optimization takes pride in being a forward-thinking outpatient facility and a caring mental health therapist office, serving individuals residing in Franklin in the Nashville area and Knoxville. As of August 2023, our Knoxville office proudly opened its doors, establishing itself not only as a trusted psychiatry practice but also as a compassionate mental health therapy office, catering to the unique needs of individuals in Knoxville. We’re excited to be a part of the Knoxville mental health and addiction treatment community.

Psychiatrist Appointments in Nashville

As both psychiatrists near Nashville and psychiatrists near Knoxville, we are in convenient spots to serve those who wish to see our psychiatrists in-person in a practice setting.

Both of our offices schedule remote telehealth appointments for individuals in Nashville who wish to connect with a psychiatrist virtually. We’re happy to help when you can’t find another psychiatrist in Nashville that you want to work with. This allows you to use our licensed psychiatrist services in Nashville from the convenience of your home or office through virtual appointments. Getting mental health support and addiction recovery support has never been more convenient – you can get psychiatric support from anywhere you can use your phone, tablet or laptop with privacy.

Our role as psychiatrists is a critical element in developing individualized mental health and substance abuse treatment plans for our patients in Nashville. We rely upon evidence-based therapies that integrate psychiatric treatment methods such as behavioral techniques, therapeutic methods, and pharmaceutical therapies.

Psychiatrist Services in Nashville, TN

At Mind Body Optimization, we offer compassionate and qualified care for individuals struggling with mental health disorders, addiction, or a combination of both. Our focus is on helping you achieve and maintain successful recovery through personalized treatment plans and ongoing support.

What Our Nashville Psychiatrists Treat

At Mind Body Optimization, our addiction treatment professionals, therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists specialize in treating a variety of mental health issues and addictions. Visit our admissions page and find out how quickly you can get started enjoying greater mental health.