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Substance Abuse IOPs in Franklin, TN

Substance use disorders cause many problems in a person’s life. First, they attack their physical health. Second, they create problems with their mental health. Because of this, we created substance abuse IOPs in Franklin, TN, that provide real solutions. Our treatment plans help you take charge of your life again. Then, you enjoy sobriety and better mental health now and in the future.

What is a Substance Abuse IOP?

Substance abuse is defined as abusing drugs or alcohol. Additionally, most people who do this become addicted to the substance. Consequently, they need professional treatment in order to get better. Substance abuse IOPs in Franklin, TN offer this sort of care. 

Treatment for addiction consists of several choices. Multiple types of therapy help each person understand their addiction. Then, they can learn to fight urges to relapse. As a result, they go on to enjoy lifelong sobriety. 

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) take place during the day. The person attends sessions from three to five days per week. Sessions last a few hours per day. This kind of treatment allows for valuable recovery to be provided while the person can still live at home. People learn to understand why they developed an addiction. They also learn healthy coping skills and how to take advantage of aftercare choices.

Are Substance Abuse IOPs in Franklin, TN Right for You?

People with a substance use disorder don’t all have the same treatment needs. As a result, they need to figure out what approach works best for them. Substance abuse IOPs in Franklin, TN, provide focused, expert help for many types of people. Candidates for this type of care include:

  • Those who have completed a residential program and need a step-down program. Lessons learned will zero in on how to ensure continued sobriety.
  • Someone who needs an intensive program but remains stable enough not to require a residential plan.
  • Someone who may have completed addiction treatment before but needs to revisit it. This includes those who have relapsed and those who just need a refresher round of treatment.
  • Those who have stable living situations and can receive treatment during the day. They will continue to live at home. 
  • People who have busy schedules. They need to divide their time between addiction treatment and personal responsibilities.

What Happens at Franklin, TN Substance Abuse IOPs?

Substance abuse treatment draws from several resources. As a consequence, each person enjoys several approaches that teach them to stay sober. Some of the services offered include:

Individual therapy: One-on-one counseling forms the backbone of many treatment programs. It provides each person with a safe outlet to speak openly about their addiction. From there, they develop healthy coping skills they can use after therapy ends.

Medications: Many people benefit from using FDA-approved medications to help manage their addiction. They can eliminate withdrawal symptoms and cravings for drugs and alcohol. As well, they can help reduce mental illness side effects. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): EMDR proves effective in treating trauma-related issues. Many people end up developing addictions in part because of the trauma they suffered. EMDR involves a trained therapist using hand movements, tapping, or musical tones while directing a person’s eye movements. This is done while the person recalls past trauma. It helps redirect thought processes and emotions. 

Mental Health Treatment: About half of those who have an addiction also deal with at least one mental illness. For this reason, we make sure we treat both addiction and mental health. In fact, the two conditions often feed into each other. For example, someone with a condition like anxiety or depression may abuse substances in order to try to feel better. Conversely, someone with an addiction may find their mental health gets worse. 

Nutrition Counseling: People lost in addiction often neglect to eat healthy. As a consequence, both their physical and mental health suffer. Teaching them proper nutrition helps with a well-rounded treatment program. 

Substance Abuse IOP in Franklin
Substance Abuse IOP

Does Insurance Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

Insurance companies recognize substance abuse for what it is: a medical illness. That being the case, they offer coverage for several types of treatment. This includes substance abuse IOPs in Franklin, TN. Substance abuse falls under the heading of behavioral healthcare. For that matter, so do a lot of mental illnesses. These are also covered by many plans.

Anyone looking to find treatment for their addiction should contact their insurance company. A company rep will explain what services they cover. As well, they can let each person know if they will need to cover any out-of-pocket expenses. Incidentally, it’s important to get approval before starting any treatment programs. Many insurance companies require this before the person can begin treatment. 

Overcome Addiction at Substance Abuse IOPs in Franklin, TN Today

Do you need help treating your mental health? In addition, do you struggle with substance abuse? If so, we can help. When someone deals with both mental illness and addiction to drugs or alcohol, expert care is needed. Mind Body Optimization offers the hope and the skills you need to heal. Our substance abuse IOPs in Franklin, TN, change lives. Visit our admissions page and find out how to get started. Let today be the day you take charge of your life again.