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Mental Health IOPs in Franklin, TN

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Do you or someone you love need help managing a mental health condition? If so, it can be hard to know what type of help you need. With this in mind, Mind + Body Wellness created mental health IOPs in Franklin, TN, that provide expert help. Our outpatient programs teach you to understand your mental health needs. Then, you learn to manage them so your life becomes less complicated.

What are Mental Health IOPs in Franklin, TN?

Mental health intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) involve attending treatment without having to move into a facility. Thus, a person can get the care they need while still living in their homes. Treatment for mental health disorders in IOPs can come in many forms. For example, one-on-one therapy helps each person understand their mental illness. From there, they can learn to manage it better. 

Additionally, IOPs often employ group therapy. This allows several people with similar mental health conditions to meet as a group. Moreover, they can lean on each other and provide advice and inspiration. Peer support often allows for a great deal of personal growth. 

IOPs vary in the amount of time required for the programs. Having said that, most range from three to four days per week. Sessions take anywhere from three to five hours per day.

Treatment Options in Mental Health IOPs

Mental health conditions vary per person. Additionally, so does the treatment that is right for each one. Some of the common mental illnesses treated include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Additionally, many mental health IOPs in Franklin, TN, treat dual diagnosis. About half of all people who deal with poor mental health also have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Under those circumstances, it’s beneficial to receive treatment for both conditions at the same time.

Benefits of Franklin, TN Mental Health IOPs

Attending mental health IOPs in Franklin, TN, gives people many benefits. What is more, skills learned during treatment can be used after a person leaves a program. The first benefit of mental health IOPs involves providing a safe place for a person to go. They can talk openly without fear of being judged. As a result, they end up feeling free to delve into their conditions. Additionally, the care given stays confidential.

Secondly, patients are provided with initial assessments. Consequently, their care team understands the person’s specific needs and goals. From there, they create a unique plan that helps them manage their mental health in a better way.

Next, IOPs employ staff members with extensive training in treating mental illnesses. Doctors, nurses, counselors, and psychiatrists all have experience working with mental health. They have proven ideas and approaches that make a true difference in how a person feels and acts.

Last, a plan for aftercare is put in place. By this, we mean after a person completes IOP, their treatment doesn’t have to end. The longer a person stays in treatment for mental illness, the better off they become. For this reason, IOP staff often helps their patients plan for additional care. This can include individual therapy, group therapy, and more.

Who Should Attend Mental Health IOPs in Franklin, TN?

In the first place, many options for treating mental health exist. Furthermore, it can be confusing trying to decide which one can provide the care a person needs. As a result, it can be helpful to consider which approach each individual needs. Franklin, TN mental health IOPs can be a great fit for the following:

  • Those who do not need any kind of residential program.
  • Someone who has graduated from a residential program and needs to continue their mental health care.
  • A person who needs more than a regular outpatient program but does not require a partial hospitalization program. 
  • Someone who may have had prior mental health treatment. An IOP program can help them maintain their progress or learn new skills. 
  • A person who has a busy home life, such as work, school, or family. Thus, they need to combine outpatient care with their personal responsibilities.

Will Insurance Pay for Mental Health Care?

Having good mental health proves as important as having good physical health. That being the case, the majority of insurance companies cover some form of mental health treatment. This can range from residential to outpatient care, depending on the program.

If someone needs help, they can contact their insurance company to ask questions. The insurance rep can tell them about options for mental health IOPs in Franklin, TN. If the customer’s deductible has been met, care can be low-cost or even completely covered. With this in mind, make sure to get prior approval before starting any treatment program. This ensures the insurance company will cover it.

Begin Healing at Our Mental Health IOPs in Franklin, TN

When a person’s mental health isn’t where it should be, life can be challenging. Additionally, the person may not know where to turn for help. Mind Body optimization offers mental health IOPs in Franklin, TN, that help people take charge. We provide help for adults and adolescents. As well, we offer telehealth services. Visit our admissions page and find out how quickly you can get started enjoying greater mental health.